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When choosing eyebrows, how to choose the eyebrow shape and color that suits you best?

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When choosing eyebrows, how to choose the eyebrow shape and color that suits you best?
Latest company news about When choosing eyebrows, how to choose the eyebrow shape and color that suits you best?

The eyebrow design should consider its own face, facial features, eye shape, hair color, skin color, occupation, age, temperament, personality and other factors to determine the eyebrow shape that suits its own personality.

01 standard eyebrow shape

The eyebrows have relative aesthetic standards but need to be organically combined with fashion, age, and face. The eyebrow design includes:

A radian: The arc curve of the eyebrow is basically parallel to the curvature of the upper edge of the eye when the eye is flat. Sometimes the distance between the eyebrow and the outer eye can be slightly wider.

B Brow: Located directly above the medial malleolus, the distance between the two brows is equal to the distance between the two medial malleolus, which is equal to the length of one eye crack, which can be slightly wider.

C Meifeng: The highest point of the eyebrow, located at the junction of the middle and outer third of the brow to the full length of the eyebrow.

D Brow: It is formed by the natural curvature of the eyebrows from the outside to the lower, and the end of the brow should be on the extension line connecting the nose and the outer side of the same side.

02 Select eyebrow shape according to face shape

The relationship between the face shape and the eyebrow shape that can be used for reference is:

A elliptical face: suitable for a slightly flat arc shape, soft, slightly curved, natural

B round face: the brow is slightly higher, the eyebrows are slightly closer, and the curved eyebrows are slightly angled or slightly angled.

C long face: straight eyebrows, eyebrows should not be lifted and have corners, so that the face appears fuller.

D square face: slightly hanging eyebrows, should be long and prominent, the use of a circular arc eyebrows can ease the face and corners.

E positive triangle face: eyebrows should be horizontal and slightly longer

F inverted triangle face: choose a curved eyebrow to make the face look full

03 eyebrow color selection

The color of the stinger of the eyebrow should be selected according to the age of the person's skin color. The color of the eyebrows is lighter than the color of the hair and the color of the eyeliner. In addition to the coloring factors, the color tone of the eyebrows is also related to the density and depth of the tattoo.

A is white in color, yellowish in hair, and light in eyebrows. You can choose a black color with a brown color.

B is black in color, black in hair, and the eyebrows are thicker. Choose dark coffee and black.

C young people are full of youth, vitality, shiny skin, smooth and bright hair, slightly thicker eyebrows, and choose dark brown pigments.

D middle-aged people are calm, skin and hair are slightly less glossy, and the eyebrows are light, and coffee-based pigments can be selected.

E The skin of the elderly is slack, the hair is white and lacks luster, the eyebrow color should be light, and the gray pigment can be selected.

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